LoLogLL/Vista is highly flexible yet simple and economical. Designed for portable use, it can be applied to virtually any data logging application in minutes. Once installed, LoLogLL/Vista can operate unattended until you need the data. It is ideal for harsh applications. Both LoLogLL and LoLog Vista are available with 1 or 2 input channels but LoLog Vista has the extra benefit of an Integral LCD display, giving a clear local indication of either one or both input channels. Both are completely waterproof, submersible and battery powered.

PermaNet LX

Advanced Leak Detection & Network Monitoring System.

PermaNet LX combines the proven Palmer Permalog+ leak noise logger and our versatile Radcom LX telemetry logger to create a fixed network system that monitors leakage whilst simultaneously logging pressure, flow and other parameters through the same system.  

PermaNet LX is ideal for monitoring a wide range of parameters including flow, pressure and temperature to assess demand, leakage and conformance. Combining noise and flow data enables the operator to accurately determine the size of a leak by matching daily leak alerts with the corresponding zonal flow data.  Larger leaks can then be prioritised to ensure that the maximum possible water savings are made. 

 PermaNet LX delivers leak alerts to a host modem or internet enabled device. Leakage teams can respond quickly to problem areas and bring them under control efficiently.

PermaNet SMS

PermaNet SMS communicates wirelessly with Permalog+ loggers to collect leak data and then transmits this information directly to an office computer or mobile phone via low cost SMS telemetry. This removes the requirement for expensive site visits and “drive past” data capture. Instead, leakage data can be delivered automatically to your monitoring station. The unit has a built in radio receiver and SMS transmitter. When it is not receiving or transmitting data it remains in a low power “sleep” mode to conserve battery life. Data is sent via radio from the Permalog+ loggers in range and the unit then transmits this information via SMS to the monitoring station running the PermaNet software.

PermaNet SMS can be configured to send an immediate leak alert whenever one of the loggers reports a potential leak. Additional savings are made as leakage teams can now be quickly and efficiently deployed specifically to leak alert areas. PermaNet provides the ultimate leak monitoring system using proven technology to deliver the results you want automatically and directly.

PermaNet (Radio)

PermaNet is a permanent, fixed network in which telemetry data from Permalog+ loggers can be sent wirelessly at regular intervals to a remote receiver – such as an office desktop PC. Leakage data can now be delivered automatically every day via the GlobalNet server to any monitoring station connected to the internet. A powerful system can be created to supply up-to-date effective leak location information for the cost effective management of areas with high levels of leakage or access/security issues.

Permalog leakage data is automatically collected by above ground mounted radio boosters, which then re-transmit to the control data hub. The Wi5 data hub (see separate brochure) outputs via GPRS, WIFI or USB so that the information is transmitted to a viewing platform. Licensed radio technology is used, thereby removing the requirement to have SIM cards and communications costs at each logger.


SMS/GSM Data Logger KEY.

MultiLog is the most comprehensive, advanced and flexible data logger yet. It can be supplied with up to four inputs for monitoring any combination of digital or analogue signals. Cellular telemetry versions are available with additional battery capacity, to provide two, four or ten hour/day “power windows”for loggers to receive calls from office PC/server or mobile phone.MultiLogis completely water proof, fully battery powered and will require no maintenance for at least five years.