The DigiCALL+ correlator enhances the features of the DigiCALL which was produced to satisfy the demands of users who liked the idea of having a correlator that worked through a PC interface.

Better graphics and faster processing speed were a popular feature of DigiCALL. The DigiCALL+ brings even further benefits through use of a smaller, lighter base station and Bluetooth connection.

It is more portable and easier to use. No cable connections means that the operator can use the computer at any point within the range of the Bluetooth so there is no longer any need to carry both systems together!

MicroCALL +

MicroCALL + combines the power, graphics and ease of use of a PC based leak noise correlator with the portability and durability of a ruggedized handheld control unit. The system builds on the proven reputation of MicroCorr Correlators and includes advanced features only previously available in the Palmer DigiCALL PC based unit.

Leak noise is digitised at source in the sensor itself, which protects the noise from any signal degradation. In addition, the radio transmission is also digital in order to ensure that the quality of signal is maintained throughout the final processing. Digital radio technology means that two-way communication with the base unit is possible, allowing the outstation status to be displayed and controlled from the base to minimise visits to the outstations.

MicroCorr Touch

MicroCorr Touch represents a breakthrough in leak detection technology. It features new “best in class” sensors providing new levels of sensitivity across the widest frequency range. This enables it to perform well in traditionally difficult conditions, such as on plastic and large diameter pipes.

MicroCorr Touch is the first standalone correlator to feature a high visibility full colour VGA touch screen to greatly improve data entry and the quality of graphical presentation.  The intuitive user interface enables the unit to be operated with the minimum key presses and the helpful step by step menu system easily guides the user through the correlation process.