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About Us

Our History

Techno Media Group “TMG” has started in 1992 as a supplier for measurement & control equipment, supplying and serving different segments

(Water & Waste Water, Electricity, Irrigation,

Oil & Gas, and major industries).

Our Scope of Work

-Remote reading for Bulk and house water meters
-Ultrasonic & Electromagnetic flow measurement
-Prepaid water meters
-Leak detection & Water Management
-Control systems “SCADA, PLCs ”
-Water Calibration Test Benches
-Ultrasonic Level measurement


Now, and after 28 years of unique experience in the Measurement & Instrumentation field, TMG is providing a complete integrated system for utility management, offering the best solutions from metering to data logging & monitoring, remote reading, ending by loss control which in turn improves utility performance and increase revenue.

Our business plan

  • Qualified professionals covering the various technical aspects.
  • Extensive training.
  • Using the world’s best equipment and machines.
  • Packing our products and services to provide all parties with maximum revenue.

Our Vision

Maintaining our leadership in Africa and in the Middle East in Monitoring and Control.

Our Mission

Technology Transfer through our partners who are the world leaders in their fields.