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Flow Measurement


The Flodis is a high end, single jet turbine extra dry water meter for residential applications, designed mainly for the billing market. Itron is the world leader in Class C single jet metering. Based on our many years of experience, the Flodis is designed to perform consistently to the highest standards whatever the conditions of installation. The Flodis can be supplied with a copper can mineral glass register to ensure perfect reading even in tough environmental conditions.

  • Plastic or copper can mineral glass register
  • EEC Approved Class C
  • Cyble equipped register for communications
  • DN 15 and 20
Nominal diameter (DN) mm 15 20
EEC metrology class C horizontal – B all other positions
EEC approval F-06-G-1277
Maximum admissible temperature °C 30
Maximum temperature for short period °C 50
Maximum admissible pressure bar 16
Testing pressure bar 25
Pressure loss group at Qmax bar 0,8
Nominal flow rate Qn m3/h 1,5 2,5
Maximum flow rate Qmax m3/h 3 5
Minimum flow rate Qmin L/h 15 25
Transitional flow rate Qt L/h 22,5 37,5
Starting flow rate L/h 5 6
Indicating range m3 99999,999
Minimum scale interval L 0,05
Communication pre-equipment Cyble Technology


SONOKIT is a transit time based ultrasonic flow meter for retrofitting on existing pipelines. The kit includes all necessary parts and special tools to make the installation as 1- or 2-track flow meter.

The set is made for installation on empty pipes or pipes under pressure without process shut-down (hot-tap).

Please contact Siemens for further information on hot-tap tools and instructions.

SONOKIT has inline transducers (in contact with media) which assure superior accuracy and performance.

  • Cost-effective solution – contains all the necessary components for retrofitting
  • No bypass installation necessary – withstands pressures up to 40 bar (580 psi) and media temperatures between -20 °C and +200 °C (-4 °F and +392 °F)
  • Solid construction and no moving parts for a 100 % maintenance and obstruction-free flow meter
  • The SONOKIT comes with transducers in IP68 enclosure
  • Automatic calculation of the calibration factor when pipe geometry data are entered in the transmitter
  • FUS060 transmitter versions with HART or PROFIBUS PA
  • FUS080 transmitter, battery or mains-powered

Flostar S

Wide Measuring Range Flostar S is a single jet meter available in sizes from DN 65 to 150. Its metrological performances far exceed ISO/EEC Class C standards. Its low flow accuracy range combined with significant peak flow capacity ensure complete and efficient measurement whatever they faced flow-rates.


READY FOR SMART METERING Flostar S is supplied pre-equipped with Cyble Target Allows communication and remote reading through:

  • Pulse output (Cyble Sensor)
  • M-Bus protocol (Cyble M-Bus)
  • Radio frequency wireless link (Cyble AnyQuest or EverBlu)


The Woltex is ideally suited for water distribution networks and wherever water must be metered with accuracy and reliability.
It is available in sizes DN 50 to 500

Wide Measuring Range

The metrological performances of Woltex far exceed ISO/EEC Class B standards.
Significant endurance capacities are ensuring accurate and reliable metering in time in a large scope of applications, such as water distribution networks, bulk billing, process control.

Communication Device

Pre-equipped for future communication through Cyble.


Flodis is a single jet turbine type meter, designed to measure cold drinking water, offering the capability to measure accurately a wide range of flow rates.

The Technology

Flodis has one of the simplest but highly engineered design, that enables to measure accurately over time from very low flow rates up to peak flows, even in severe environmental conditions when in service.

Communication Device

Pre-equipped for communication through Cyble.

Flostar M

Designed to meet the advanced needs of water utilities in large revenue collection applications Flostar M is the water meter conceived for drinkable water measurement. It’s the best choice for metering of water in residential, commercial and industrial applications.

Wide Measuring Range

Flostar M is a single jet meter available in sizes from DN 40 to 150. Its metrological performances far exceed ISO/EEC Class C standards. Its low flow accuracy range combined with significant peak flow capacity ensure complete and efficient measurement whatever the faced flow-rates.

MSD Cyble

Multi-jet Turbine Water Meter

Available in sizes DN 25, 30, 40 & 50, MSD Cybele is a world-class product, with over 10 years of proven experience showing excellent resistance in different conditions of water metering installations.

The technology

MSD Cybele is a multi-jet type meter, which has as main characteristics, a measuring chamber designed to distribute the water flow around the de turbine.

An extra-dry register design, using direct magnetic transmission, enables us to isolate completely all register gears against contact with water. This design enables us to rotate the register to the best comfort of reading the accounted volume on the index.

Transmitter MAG 5000to6000

The MAG 5000 and 6000 are transmitters engineered for high performance, easy installation, commissioning, and maintenance. The transmitters evaluate the signals from the SITRANS F M sensors type MAG 1100, MAG 1100 F, MAG 3100, MAG 3100 P, and MAG 5100 W.


  • Superior signal resolution for optimum turn down ratio
  • Digital signal processing with many possibilities
  • Automatic reading of SENSORPROM data for easy commissioning
  • User configurable operation menu with password protection.
  • 3 lines, 20 characters display in 11 languages.
  • Flow rate in various units
  • Totalizer for forward, reverse and net flow as well as additional information available
  • Multiple functional outputs for process control, minimum configuration with analogue, pulse/frequency and relay output (status, flow direction, limits)
  • Custody transfer approval: PTB, OIML R 75, OIML R 117, OIML R 49, MI-001 and PTB K 7.2 for chilled water
  • MAG 6000 with add-on bus modules for HART, FOUNDATION Fieldbus H1, DeviceNet, Modbus RTU/RS485, PROFIBUS PA and DP

Flow Sensor MAG 5100 W

The SITRANS F M MAG 5100 W is an electromagnetic flow sensor designed to meet ground water, drinking water, waste water, sewage or sludge applications.


  • DN 15 to DN 1200 / 2000 (½” to 48″/78″)
  • Stock program of MAG 5100 W secures short delivery time
  • Connection flanges EN 1092-1 (DIN 2501), ANSI, AWWA, AS and JIS.
  • NBR Hard Rubber and Ebonite Hard Rubber liner for all water.