BPA5-2-5 Automatic Water Meter Test Bench With Measuring Piston


The BPA5-2-5 is an automatic calibration test bench for domestic water meters, designed to equip meter assembly lines. The verification principle is based on the piston prover technology applied as the measuring device and flow generator.

The BPA5-2-5 calibration test bench is made of a double test line enabling the connection of up to 5 water meters in serial each line, including the sizes DN 15 and 20 mm. The test process is performed to one line, while the second line is on the meter replacing process.

The system control and the recording/processing of measuring values are managed electronically

in connection with a PC system (including a central unit, screen, printer, and hardware interface). The tests are carried out through a specific test program in dialogue with the operator. The test program includes the routines for process control/monitoring, measuring data recording/evaluation and storage, error calculation, measuring data processing (printer protocol, edition of error curves, statistics)