Transmitter MAG 5000to6000

The MAG 5000 and 6000 are transmitters engineered for high performance, easy installation, commissioning, and maintenance. The transmitters evaluate the signals from the SITRANS F M sensors type MAG 1100, MAG 1100 F, MAG 3100, MAG 3100 P, and MAG 5100 W.

  • Superior signal resolution for optimum turn down ratio

  • Digital signal processing with many possibilities

  • Automatic reading of SENSORPROM data for easy commissioning

  • User configurable operation menu with password protection.

  • 3 lines, 20 characters display in 11 languages.

  • Flow rate in various units

  • Totalizer for forward, reverse and net flow as well as additional information available

  • Multiple functional outputs for process control, minimum configuration with analogue, pulse/frequency and relay output (status, flow direction, limits)

  • Custody transfer approval: PTB, OIML R 75, OIML R 117, OIML R 49, MI-001 and PTB K 7.2 for chilled water

  • MAG 6000 with add-on bus modules for HART, FOUNDATION Fieldbus H1, DeviceNet, Modbus RTU/RS485, PROFIBUS PA and DP