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Techno media group has established the first academy for application knowledge of water management, measurements & control, & that was for building up the abilities in our Arabian nation so that we can face the present & future challenges in the field of water management.                                                                                  The Academy uses leading Arabian & international experiences, & provides its students with international certified degrees.
The academy’s head office is In Cairo for it is one of the distinguished leading centers for providing & improving the techniques & strategic solutions in the field of complete solutions.
Our goal is to improve the skills & encourage the new creative Ideas for improving the policies & strategies to serve the water management field in our Arabian nation & also support the general & private sector’s decision makers in dealing with the challenges that are facing the water management sector.
Automation and control This program target is to provide training for remote control system of the water treatment plants or monitoring & management of their networks through one or more control centers that are connected & also point out the necessity of the control systems in providing a complete clear picture for the instantaneous status of the water facilities to help in the operation decisions.