Techno Meter Group established the first academy for application knowledge of water management, measurements & control in order to enhance the abilities in our Arab nation so that we can face the present & future challenges in the field of water management. The Academy, leading in Arab & international experiences, provides its students with international certified degrees.

With around 200 hundred qualified engineers and technicians, it pays great deal of attention to all after sales and support with a certified maintenance lab and fully equipped workshop. In addition to a training center that serve up to 120 trainees equipped with simulators and hands-on equipment for physical and practical training programs serving the industry.

Our goal is to improve the skills & encourage new creative ideas for improving policies & strategies to serve the water management field in our Arab nation. In addition, Automation and Control program provides training for remote control system of the water treatment plants, monitoring & management of their networks through one or more control centers that are connected, and point out the necessity of the control systems by providing a complete clear picture for the instantaneous status of the water facilities to help in the operation decisions.

The academy’s head office is in Cairo for it is one of the distinguished leading centers to provide the techniques & strategic solutions in the field of complete solutions.