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Assembling and Testing
Finished product

2 Core production Process.

4 Cutting Process.

6 Painting Process.

8 Screw lathing Process.

10 Final assembling and Meter calibration.

1 Core compound preparation.

3 Casting Process.

5 Process Shut blast.

7 Lathing Process.

9 Starting assembling and testing Process.

packing new 1

Production Process

TMG production process

In the TMG factory, we use several unique manufacturing operations to produce brass alloys/ Enviro Brass III water meter housing and caps. Our production process starts with insuring that everything is safe and clean to use. Our focal 3 steps are sand core, casting and painting. Sand core production is considered an essential segment in the water meter housing production. TMG used LPDC- low pressure die casting, which is considered the most effect application in the brass water meter industry. In addition, LPDC used in the production of the cap perform the optimum cover for water meter production. Following, Painting of brass alloy with electrostatic paint in which heat treatment of the powder is completely cured. This paint is resistant to all atmospheric conditions. TMG uses advanced automatic test benches to achieve high production rate alongside high accurate readings.