PermaNet SMS

PermaNet SMS communicates wirelessly with Permalog+ loggers to collect leak data and then transmits this information directly to an office computer or mobile phone via low-cost SMS telemetry. This removes the requirement for expensive site visits and “drive past” data capture. Instead, leakage data can be delivered automatically to your monitoring station. The unit has a built-in radio receiver and an SMS transmitter. When it is not receiving or transmitting data it remains in a low power “sleep” mode to conserve battery life. Data is sent via radio from the Permalog+ loggers in range and the unit then transmits this information via SMS to the monitoring station running the PermaNet software.

PermaNet SMS can be configured to send an immediate leak alert whenever one of the loggers reports a potential leak. Additional savings are made as leakage teams can now be quickly and efficiently deployed specifically to leak alert areas. PermaNet provides the ultimate leak monitoring system using proven technology to deliver the results you want automatically and directly.